ABOUT US Company introduction

IAMSAT Muntenia history began with the company IMIA, established in 1962, specialized in automation installations. During 1970-1979 it has extended its work in electrical installations of low and medium voltage, then in telecommunications, and since 1980 has become IMSAT ( Enterprise Installations and Service for Automation and Telecommunications).

In 1993, the branch Muntenia was separated from IMSAT, acquiring legal personality. It was established as a new company, IMSAT Muntenia S.A., a joint-stock company with entirely Romanian private capital.

Since 2011 the company changed the name in IAMSAT MUNTENIA S.A.

IAMSAT Muntenia is a joint-stock company, with entirely Romanian private capital.

On february 2017 it established a branch in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania.

In the chart below is presented the IAMSAT MUNTENIA's evolution of turnover (in Euros) during the last 7 years.

In terms of production capacity, the company has a staff of about 190 permanent employees.

With this number of employees, that is above the average in Romanian installations companies, IAMSAT Muntenia is one of the largest companies with this profile on the national level.

Our specialists are ANRE, IGSU, ISCIR, MAI, AFER, AACR, etc. authorized.

Staff categories Employees (%)
Technical staff 24%
- engineers 21%
- workers coordinators 3%
Workers - technical qualification 71%
Economic, legal and other staff categories 5%
Total Staff 100%

Since 2005, IAMSAT Muntenia implemented an integrated management system for quality, environment, health and safety at work, confirmed by obtaining ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 certificates.